Technology markets now runs a FREE recycling program.

The program allows you to bring in your old Computer, Laptop, and now even Mobile phone in for recycling. For the past 18 years the computer markets have recycled 90% of cardboard that is produced from the markets. Now is the time to understand that the result of errantly discarding technology can have a huge effect on the enviroment. I.T products contain a number of core elements the simpliest being metal and plastic. More often than not, most products have more core metals than people realize. Elements including gold, coppper and silver just to name a few. Before these products reach this stage Technoology Markets looks to keep the wheels turning by putting some products back into the community. Computers & Laptops are checked for quality and age with useful parts taken out for assembly in machines that can be given to charitable groups as well as the underprivileged. The remains are then sent to various metal and plastics recyclers.

Technology is ever changing and happens at such a rate that some things purchased for thousands of dollars few years ago can end up as landfill today or tomorrow. As we are all aware with Carbon taxes and trading schemes the environment is our most precious and seemingly most valuable asset. Rather than stock pile old bits and pieces or worse yet throw them away with the household rubbish bring them in to a computer market and we’ll ensure they are re-used or disposed of corectly. The computer market recycling scheme as yet sadly isn’t supported by any government or environmental organisations.

Remember to delete any personal or private information prior to dropping off your computer or mobile phone. Although any re-used hard drives are reformatted it is the responsibility of the owner to remove data.